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  6. Earlier
    Good menu with good community
  7. droxz

    ins not responding

    just why other menus stoped working when asto started :D
  8. 😄 glad to hear anything else sir?
  9. droxz

    ins not responding

    omfg thx that worked
  10. can you disable your windows defender whit "Defender Controll" https://www.sordum.org/9480/defender-control-v2-1/ password: Sordum it must look like this: and disable all exploit protections and firewalls
  11. droxz

    ins not responding

    still nothink
  12. reinstall loader try again
  13. droxz

    ins not responding

    ok done what should i do now
  14. do you have a graphic mod? if yes unninstall it turn screenshares etc off my friend
  15. droxz

    ins not responding

    ok done what should i do now
  16. okay -you have a graphic mod? -disable discord overlay
  17. droxz

    ins not responding

    yes i disabled windows defende no i dont have any other antivirus programs idk where to find msi afterburner
  18. is your windows defender disabled? Do you have any other anti virus programs? do you have MSI afterburner? (If yes) disable it
  19. droxz

    ins not responding

    yes it worked before yes i injected in storymode yes i press insert no i dont get error codes just menu dont show up
  20. hi sir! did it works before? do you inejcted in story mode? you press insert? do you get error codes or something?
  21. droxz

    ins not responding

    hi when i load gta and cheat i cant open menu pls help how to fix ins not responding
  22. Fuckin' up GTA V 😊

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    [MOD MENU REVIEW] ✔️ for yes ❌ for no ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod compatibility: [1] Then menu says something anti-semetic [❌] [2] Uhh the buttons freeze [❌] [3] cheats lag the shit out of my game [❌] [4] full compatibility [✔️] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Skepticism [1] this is full on clickbait with Trojan that accesses your CCs. [❌] [2] detected by my malware and I do not support this [❌] [3] Detected by malware but will still use it & I think it poses no threat [✔️ ] [4] not detected and fully support it! [❌] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Performance impact [1] I couldn't run minesweeper under these conditions [❌] [2] I could do better on geometry dash! [❌] [3] Ok, I could MAYBE play minecraft with this.. [❌] [4] Yeah I could play RDR2 with this w/o any issues [✔️ ] Reviewers note: Even though most of the reviews are negative because the cheats dont work, they are cheats they will need to be updated to get around patches, just calm the fuck down and wait.
  23. cheat for using but there are no icons in it, tell me which directory you need to download
  24. From monday 06/06 we will do some things more on the site then on the discord. Things that will come to the site: News Updates Polls Giveaways Events Reviews Suggestions Bug Reports Support The discord will be more used for chatting/Fast communication Kind Regards AstroCheats
  25. AstroCheats

    Sales - FAQ

    Here will be the most common issues/questions be answered with an possible fix/answer 1) Q: Is the delivery instant A: All our products delivers instant to your Astro account. 2) Q: Where can i find the product A: You can access your purchase with the same launcher that is provided in downloads 3) Q: Are the paid versions safer then the free A: Since they are not provided to the mass users and having more protection against the AC its safer then the free 4) Q: Can i get an refund A: Refunds are not possible after purchase thats why we provide an free version to test before purchase of our paid ones
  26. AstroCheats

    Launcher - FAQ

    Here will be the most common issues/questions be answered with an possible fix/answer 1) Q: When opening the EXE it says it contains a virus A: Make sure you disable windows defender since they false positive the launcher. 2) Q: I can't login with the forum button A: Login manually with your username and password from the site. 3) Q: Does the launcher auto updates A: The launcher checks for a new version everytime on start up. 4) Q: Why when pressed "Yes" by requesting a HWID reset it only counts on the bottom A: The staff team is notified to perform an HWID reset, this usually takes between (5-30 mins) depending on the time 5) Q: The cheat doesn't injects A: Same answer as question (1) 6) Q: Launcher says token expired A: Don't keep the launcher too long open before launching the cheat otherwise the login session will expire and force u to login again
  27. AstroCheats

    Cheat - FAQ

    Here will be the most common issues/questions be answered with an possible fix/answer 1) Q: Grand Theft Auto V Shows Error In GTA Online [Data Corrupt, Incompatible Version, Other Error] A: Join first singleplayer then load menu and then go into online, Our anticheat bypass haves issues with going directly into online. 2) Q: Grand Theft Auto V Crashes/Closes A: same as question (1) and make sure windows defender is disabled and that MSI Afterburner is disabled before loading cheat. 3) Q: What's the ban rate of the cheat A: Cheating allways has its risk but we try to keep our cheats as safe as possible by pushing regular updates and bypassing parts of the anticheat. 4) Q: What's the safest way to make money in Grand Theft Auto V A: Messing with money is allways more risky then other features but the recommended method is by doing the cayo perico heist over and over with our skip prep feature. 5) Q: Does the cheats auto update A: Every time you launch an product the product gets pulled from the server giving you allways the lastest build 6) Q: What open key is the menu A: The open button on all our cheats is by default INSERT
  28. AstroCheats

    not working

    please don't click inside the cmd to block the menu from loading
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