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Registration Terms

All Terms Are Final. If Caught in Breach of These, Your Account Will Be Terminated.


You may not register more than one account.

You may speak in English Only.

You may not attempt to crack, debug or reverse engineer our products.

Astro Cheats are not responsible for any in-game suspensions/bans.

You agree to lock our launcher to a single HWID.

You may not re-sell our cheats unless you are a verified reseller.

You are not permitted to use our products on stream unless you have the permission of our staff.

You may not dispute a purchase under any circumstances.

You may not sell, trade or share your account.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your account.

We are not responsible for any content posted on the forum.

We will not issue refunds under any circumstance.

You may not Dox, DDOS or attack any member of the forum.

All bans are final and cannot be appealed.

We are not responsible for defective features in-game.

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